Epsom salt for constipation treatment and relief

Epsom salt for constipation treatment and relief

Experiencing difficulty in passing stools? It may be the reason of constipation. Yes, there are some points which indicate- is this constipation or not. Want to know about those points? Well, for that you have to keep patience. I will definitely tell you about those points but before that I would like to tell you some facts about constipation. See the reason to share facts about constipation is to make you aware about this annoying condition properly. Then it will be easier for you to take its correct treatment.

epsom salt

So let’s get to the point and see how and why you can become constipated. Constipation is the condition of the digestive system where you can have hard feces that are difficult to expel. The majority says that you can get this when your colon absorbs too much water from your food. The slower food passes from your digestive track the more water your colon will absorbs.
This is very difficult to explain, what the exact cause of this condition is but it is said that if you do the following points, you can get this disease.

• Taking less fiber diet
• Doing less physical activities
• Milk( some people can become constipated when they consume milk)
• Pregnancy
• Aging
• Taking medicines
• Not going toilet when needed
• Not drinking enough water
• If you have problems with colon and rectum

constipation remediesSee this is a treatable condition and you can cure this by taking correct treatment. I know you are used to taking medicines to cure any kind of problem and never used other treatment or natural treatment. No, using medicines is not a crime but tell me one thing after using medicines did you get relief? See I know the truth and that’s why I am here to tell you the perfect and effective cure for constipation.

So I was talking about the natural cure for constipation and the magical ingredient which can cure this is Epsom salt. Epsom salt for constipation is the perfect cure and no one can beat this remedy in this condition. Epsom salt is very effective and by this you can not only cure constipation but also many other diseases. Let’s see what Epsom salt for constipation can do?

When you are constipated it is common to want fast relief and Epsom salt can do this very effectively. Epsom salt for constipation is the best cure because this salt has minerals and sulfate which can give you effective results. Epsom salt contains a compound called magnesium sulfate which acts as a laxative. This laxative works by drawing water into the bowels to soften stools. This salt works as a detoxifying agent which helps to clean the colon.
Magnesium present in the Epsom salt promotes contraction of the bowel muscles and thus the stool is excreted daily. Apart from constipation this salt can also help you in treating hair related problem, swollen feet, diabetes and hemorrhoids. Isn’t Epsom salt for constipation is a perfect curing method? To use any kind of treatment it is important to use in a proper way. That’s why here are some points which help you to understand about the usage method of Epsom salt for constipation.

Epsom salt for constipation

EpsomsaltMix a teaspoon of Epsom salt with 4 OZ of water and if you want you can add lemon juice in it to increase the taste of your drink. Drink this mixture in one sitting. If you don’t get effective results, repeat this process after ever 4-6 hours. This is important to know about the usage or amount for every remedy it will help you only. And if you use anything in a correct manner, you can stay away from side effects.

Before you start taking or giving this, read the dosage instructions from the boxes or packet of Epsom salt. For adults, you can give 2 teaspoon of this salt dissolved in the water or fruit juice. For children of above the age of 1 year, take 1/2teaspoon in a cup of cold water or juice. As I said I have not only mentioned the facts about constipation but also I have mentioned an astonishing remedy for the same. Try this natural remedy and get relief from this annoying condition.