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hangover with alochol

Getting Over a Hangover with Epsom Salt

You may have shown an excessive alacrity to go for a party that is primarily a liquor or wine party. If so then you should be aware of the outcome that you are going to face post drinking. A party is a place where you are forced and abetted to consume alcohol in an excessive…

toenial treatment with epsom salt

Ingrown Toenail and Epsom Salt

Is your toe in pain? Is your toe is forced to tolerate the unbearable pain that is being caused by ingrown toenail? Is the edge of your toenail is not growing as it should? Well then, you are not the only one who is facing this problem; in fact, it is a common condition across…


Use of Epsom Salt in Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, a condition that is related to the rectum and bowel of your body is a condition where for some reason the vein of the lowest part of your rectum and anus become inflamed and is a cause of pain while defecation. Today three out of every four people are facing this condition. It is…


Epsom salt bath- an unusual but most effective way to get relief in headache

If you are suffering from non-stop headache, reading this article can help you out. This is the article which helps you to understand the main cause of this condition and a remedy which has all the abilities to cure this condition. I know this is very common condition and there is nothing to share about…


Amazing benefits of Epsom salt for your hair

Long and shiny hairs are always the dream of every woman. Long and shiny hair adds 5 stars to your beauty. For making this dream true, you may try many market products such as shampoo, gel, hair masks and conditioner which actually damage your hairs and make them dull and rough. These products contain a…

Epsom salt for constipation treatment and relief

Epsom salt for constipation treatment and relief

Experiencing difficulty in passing stools? It may be the reason of constipation. Yes, there are some points which indicate- is this constipation or not. Want to know about those points? Well, for that you have to keep patience. I will definitely tell you about those points but before that I would like to tell you…


Epsom salt for treating acne at home

Are you finding a simple and homemade treatment to cure acne? Then this article will help you. I know you have already read so many articles on acne’s treatment but I just want to say that this article will definitely going to help you out. I just don’t get one thing that why you are…

swollen feet2

How can you use Epsom salt to treat swollen feet?

Swelling of the ankle and feet is relatively frequent symptoms in most of the people. There are number of factors which can lead to swelling in feet and ankle such as diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy in women, injuries, medications and some diseases too. Swollen feet can cause severity of pain and sometimes inflammation too….


How to Drink Epsom salt for a Detox

Epsom salt as it name suggest you may think that epsom is a salt but not so, epsom is not a salt but it is a mineral compound looks exactly the same as table salt, white in color and made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen but when it comes to its taste, there is…

epsom-salt health benefits

Epsom Salt Uses & Benefits

Epsom salt also chemically known as magnesium sulfate, made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. It exactly looks like table salt and white in color as well but when it comes to taste it is slightly bitter than table salt and it is very rarely consumed stand alone. Epsom salt was originally discovered in the…