Use of Epsom Salt in Hemorrhoids

-hemorrhoids-Hemorrhoids, a condition that is related to the rectum and bowel of your body is a condition where for some reason the vein of the lowest part of your rectum and anus become inflamed and is a cause of pain while defecation. Today three out of every four people are facing this condition. It is a subject of decrying across the world. You may have also gone through such complications which are so perturbing for you while any bowel movement. If you have ever gone through complications such as swelling around your anus, pain, and discomfort while defecating, a piece of a small blood clot in your stool which is bright red color. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids i.e. internal and external hemorrhoids.

epsom salt for hemorrhoidsInternal hemorrhoids are well deep inside your stomach which can’t be seen and often are painless because pain sensitive nerves are not present there but to identify this kind of hemorrhoids one can notice painless defecation with little amount of blood clotting in the stool but as far as external hemorrhoids are concerned they are often painful and you may notice the inflammation in the vicinities of anus.

External hemorrhoids are more perturbing for people than that of internal hemorrhoids. We have to take treatment in order to relieve pain. Usually, hemorrhoids are mild. They do not need any medical attention or hospitalization. The severity of the condition significantly alleviated as the time passes but in some condition if the condition is severe and fierce may need medical attention and could also be the cause of hospital visit. In some cases, you may feel discomfort while sitting or standing for a longer period of time, itching, irritation, etc. Some of you would like to know that whether it is life-threatening or not. Well it is not a life-threatening disease and often go away on their own without any treatment.

hemorrhoids symptoms cephalicveinAlthough the exact reason for this health condition is unknown and nothing has been proved to show the exact reason of this condition to occur but erudite of the related fields often relates it with some of the causes such as straining during defecating, if you have had chronic constipation, Sitting for a longer period of time or if you have a family history of being affected with hemorrhoids.

There could be other reason that may include heavy weight lifting on a consistent basis. If you are obese, the consistent anal sexual activity may also increase the risk of hemorrhoids in your body. If the blood constantly coming out of your anus and visible with excretion of stool then you should not ignore this condition. Most of the people usually think of this condition only hemorrhoid. But it could be the sign of other major complications which could be life-threatening as well. It is imperative for you to notice every minuscule change in your bowel movement. This is because the negligence of any kind of condition may be fatal for you.

Epsom salt for hemorrhoids

epsom-salts-hemorrhoidsIn order to soothe your condition of hemorrhoids and to cure your condition, there are many ways that you can use but today we are going to talk about a panacea treatment option that may prove to be an elixir for you. Epsom salt is a mineral compound found in Epsom town in Surrey, England. It is not a slat, in fact, it is magnesium sulfate which is prevalent across the world. Epsom salt is very useful for reducing pain. It also fulfills the lack of magnesium in the body. Epsom salt for hemorrhoids is not really a bad choice instead it can facilely cure the hemorrhoids condition.

Although don’t take it orally. Dissolve one dose in eight ounces of water If you want to take it orally. Stir this mixture and drink all of it right away. In order to treat hemorrhoids condition with Epsom salt, you can lukewarm a tub of water and mix a two cups of Epsom salt in the water. You can soak your whole body in that water and use that water for taking bath. It will help your body absorb an adequate amount of magnesium which will be a boon for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Therefore you can use Epsom salt in hemorrhoids.